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Why Does This Work?

We are all humans first, and customers second. And there is ample empirical evidence on Brand Purpose driving real top-line revenue and results. Allow us to use P&G as an example.

For example, as HBR reported; “Innovation has long been the backbone of P&G’s growth”. As chairman, president, and CEO Bob McDonald notes, “We know from our history that while promotions may win quarters, innovation wins decades.”

Further: “These investments are necessary but not sufficient to achieve P&G’s innovation goals. “People will innovate for financial gain or for competitive advantage, but this can be self-limiting,” McDonald says. “There needs to be an emotional component as well—a source of inspiration that motivates people.” At P&G that inspiration lies in a sense of purpose driven from the top down—the message that each innovation improves people’s lives”.

The rest is history. And we would encourage you to dig deeper.