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What We Do

If you believe that the world of business has been transformed by technology and globalization, that the past no longer predicts the future – then you believe in this new phenomenon we call The Super Market.

We help businesses and brands transform to be more relevant offerings for this digitally connected, always on Super Market.

We do this by analyzing a company, a business, it’s products and marketing through the lens of the new customer and design thinking: looking for new data points, challenging accepted explanations & “the usual” as still relevant, and looking for potential new solutions.

This customer’s expectations of companies increases everyday either because of on-demand information or because new competitors are disrupting a whole market.

We help refine businesses and brands to better focus against revenue-generating activity, and where possible, reducing operating costs in areas not deemed relevant anymore.

We help clients in the following areas:

  • Corporate Brand Refocus
  • Business and Brand Transformation
  • Marketing Innovation
  • Product & Service Innovation
  • Strategy Labs
  • Communications Strategy