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How do incumbent companies think differently about their sectors, categories, companies and brands? They know they have to and have to fast! Pick a cliche, but the rules of engagement have changed forever.

According to Edward De Bono, who coined the term “lateral thinking”, the purpose of thinking is to stop thinking. Your brain processes information and once understood it is compartmentalized so you don’t have to think about it again. Too many conventional consultancy approaches don’t recognize this phenomena.

We view our job, like De Bono, as helping our clients thinking differently about their category, their space, their business – because likely someone else is right now.

We use interesting, innovation frameworks to get our clients on mental excursions – to think about the category differently, to see it through fresh lens. There are no silly brain storm techniques. We use well trusted and practiced strategic frameworks and models to drive this new thinking in strategy Labs, working in and with our clients to get to these answers. We use a mix of business frameworks, design and human design thinking tools, agile marketing tools, and some of the best practices of successful start-ups.

And we don’t sit back at the home box office and just come back and present. Getting into our client’s businesses, brands, it’s customer’s minds, watching their customers interact with the brand product or service allows us to dig deeper than most.