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Customer Experience

How customers interact with business and brands has changed for ever. Your customers have access to reviews, competitor reviews at the press of a button, or a call out to Siri. Your customers can be in your store and on your competitors site at the same time. The expectation of the new “brand experience” is high.

We look at this CX behaviour, the motivating factors and the jobs your customers want done, watch them talk about your product, see them use your product, we step out of the office and become the “great noticers”. We use unique tools to dissect this consumer journey so your business is providing all the necessary information and value through out this process. Sometimes conventional research does not elicit the right insights.

A great example of this is pulled from an interview of A.G. Lafley, of P&G by Innosight President Scott D. Anthony.

“One very quick story; I will never forget this. We used to do annual research in the laundry detergent business, and every year consumers would rate the Tide powder cardboard package as excellent; excellent to shop; excellent for opening; excellent in use–on, on, on.

So, probably 27 or 30 years ago, I’m in basements in Tennessee, in Kentucky, doing loads of laundry with women, and after three or four or five of these one-on-one sessions, I’ve realized that not a single woman has opened a box of Tide with her hand. Why not? You’ll break your fingernails!

So, how did they open the box? They had nail files; they had screwdrivers; they had all kinds of things sitting down on the shelf over their washing machine, and yet they thought our package was excellent. And we thought our package was excellent because they were telling us our package was excellent. We had to see it and experience it.

Here’s the problem–consumers cannot really tell us what they want. They can tell you why they like it or why they don’t like it, but they cannot tell you what they want.

Nobody told us that they wanted Crest White Strips. Nobody told us that they were dying for a Swiffer. Nobody told us that Febreze would make their life better. We have to understand what consumers can’t articulate, and that’s the reason we had to get out there. What we’re really trying to do now is to actually involve the consumer in co-creation and co-design in the earliest stage.