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New Approach

You want a partner that understands your total business, not just your advertising. And you need that partner to operate fast, efficiently, and honestly.

72% of brands don’t think conventional agencies are keeping up with the required pace of the business world these days. And too often companies use the same templates from last year to get out of this year’s challenges. But rarely do last year’s templates produce new thinking, new ideas, new solution or new revenue streams.

The Super Market has developed a fast, efficient, hybrid process that better melds real customer and consumer behaviour with business frameworks and models to produce new thinking. Fast!

This leads to new thinking that produces solutions to problems customers want solved, new solutions to emerging challenges and new revenue producing strategies and ideas – that are real, and feasible.



How customers interact with business and brands has changed for ever. Your customer has access to reviews, competitor reviews at the press of a button or a call out to Siri. Your customer can be in your store and on your competitors site at the same time. The expectation of the new “brand experience” is high.

We look at this behaviour, the motivating factors and the jobs your customers want done. We use unique tools to dissect this consumer journey so your business is providing all the necessary information and value through out this process.



Countries, cities and communities are changing all the time. From demographics, to the economy, to trends in health, nutrition, healthcare, insurance, interest rates all affect your customer’s criteria when choosing amongst your competitive set.

So it becomes necessary to understand these macro environmental factors better than we used to.



What does digital mean these days? We think it means almost everything. Checking apps, our social feeds, checking reviews on third party sites, and show-rooming. And it also means a new taxi service that does not own any cars; a movie company that does not own any movie theatres.

We provide a thorough review of a company or brands competitors, adjacencies and alternatives, to see why more customers aren’t coming your way.



Every category these days is being challenged by new competitors, adjacencies, alternatives and disruptive business models.

We help companies look at these blind spots, emerging trends and the players you have to keep an eye on.



How did you get more customers? According to Professor Byron Sharp, Director of Marketing Science at University of South Australia, and author of How Brands Grow – customers are not as loyal as marketers think.

He purports customer acquisition is critical.

By embracing this approach, we can help companies expand their user base; the base of customers always in the market.



Customer, employees and all stakeholder for that matter expect more from companies and brands these days.

We embrace and champion and Brand Purpose approach with our clients. We help them identify and listen to these key stakeholders and ensure that input informs corporate, brand and marketing activity.



We champion our client’s businesses and brands. So we help create robust, vivid, and motivating Corporate Brands and Identities based on a company or brand’s true Brand Purpose.

The rules have changed, the bar is higher. And customers expect more from brands. They expect companies and brands to steer towards a clear, emotionally and functionally relevant destination, filled with solutions for them that have true value.

So through strategic analysis, discovery, mental excursions and Labs we conduct with our clients, we identity the true Brand Purpose that the company can own, can credibly deliver to all its stakeholder. We then flesh this out in terms of brand attributes and stakeholder contact strategies.