Can You Put The Pulse Back Into Impulse Buys?

Scott Swanson had an interesting article in Ad Age. Scott’s premise is interesting. The impulse buy moments have been screen-jacked by our mobile phones. No more looking at all those delicious, last minute purchases, when we can stay connected for that one-more millisecond waiting in line.

Contextual engagement has been around in mobile for a while and in our opinion is a great tool to bring business together with customer at a useful and relevant time. My other company, Zonetail, which is a location based mobile marketing platform uses Smith Micro’s Captivate to do just this. Brands need to bring these same contextual engagement tools to their game.


Scott also highlights “the spectrum of mobile behaviour” from on-the-go to lean-back and where/when to engage. This thought coupled with the range of proximity based opportunities, from geo-fences, to store locations, down to aisles, down to packaging, could make for helpful and relevant marketing.

Great article from Scott Swanson of Aki Technologies @swanson_scott.

Photo credit: Nicky Loh/Bloomberg